Sweat Lodge™ Enterprises Inc. is proud to introduce an Aboriginal Educational Kit designed to promote a greater appreciation of the incredible craftsmanship and engender a deeper understanding of the values of the Aboriginal culture. This resource tool offers a complete hands on learning experience, when implemented into the Social Studies curriculum it will enhance the learning experience of Aboriginal studies.

Unique in the world market the kit includes hand painted ceramic cast reproductions of authentic artifacts, talisman and objects used in the spiritual rituals of the Aboriginal peoples. The kit will allow students to examine first hand some of the tools and weapons used by a typical Aboriginal family on a daily basis. Many of the items are cast copies of original weapons and personal belongings found in the Edmonton region and district, as well as artifacts from the Fort Saskatchewan museum. Our company works with museums, wildlife experts and taxidermists to ensure that the reproductions are as authentic as possible.

Let Sweat Lodge Enterprises Inc. create the folklore for you!